Distraction Burglary/Bogus Callers. 16/10/2014 12:08:42 [89559]

October 16th 2014.     This is a distraction burglary message.
In September 2014, and October 2014 eo far, There have been several elderly house holders targeted by male callers at the door suggesting that you have something wrong with your property.  In some cases callers are let in to the property, and if there is more than one person one of them is discreetly taking note of your possessions.  Also they will quote you an outrageous price for the job, and then suggest they escort you to the bank or building society to withdraw the funds to pay for the job.

Do not buy, sell or sign up to any work on the door step no matter how urgent the caller tells you the work is.  Keep the door chained when speaking to strangers.  If you think you may need repairs done to your property, get at least two written quotes.    Thank you.

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