Telephone Fraud. 03/11/2014 12:26:50 [91474]

November 3rd 2014.     This is a Telephone Fraud/Scam message.
In the past few weeks Telephone Fraud has been on the increase.  If you receive any phone call that claims to be from your bank or the Police to say your bank card has been used fraudulently the caller may ask you to hang up then call back to ensure the call is genuine, but they stay on the line so your call goes straight back to the fraudster.

The next thing they will ask is for your pin number.  If you give it to them they will now have the ability to access your account.  If you receive one of these calls hang up and dial 1471 noting the number used call the Police on 101, but please wait a few minutes in case the fraudsters are still on the line.

Thank you.   

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